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Tech Tip: Share large files directly from Microsoft Outlook 2007

by on Mar.27, 2009, under Tech

Adobe’s has a new plugin – ONLY for Outlook 2007, not 2003 – that will allow a person to send large files directly from within Outlook.  This service is FREE and comes with 5GB of online storage.  No more having to go to or other sites when trying to send files larger than 5MB or 10MB.  Note: Gmail will now allow sending & receiving up to 20MB attachments – it was previously 10MB.  You will have to first create and authenticate an account before using the service, but it’s easy to do.  In a test sending from my work account to my Gmail account, it doesn’t appear that the receiver needs to have an account to download the attached file.


Certain file types are restricted from being uploaded per Adobe’s FAQ:
You cannot upload and share the following file types: audio formats (MP3, AAC, OGG), video formats (MOV, WMV, FLV, XVID, DIVX, RETG), font formats (TTF, DFONT, OTF), archive formats (TGZ, RAR 7Z, SIT, JAR, WAR, CAB), system files and executable formats (EXE, DLL, JS, VB, BAT, CMD, COM, CPL, SH, CSH, TCSH, KSH, BASH, ZSH, INF, HTA, HLP, INS, ISP, VB, JSE, LNK, MS, PIF, SCR, SHS, WS), web files (CHM, CRT), database files (MDB), or raster image files (PCD, SCT).

The solution to this?  Just compress the file with your favorite tool, or temporarily rename the extension to something like “txt” and tell the receiving party to rename it back to the original extension before opening.

Read more about this and download the plugin from’s official blog post.

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More information than you require…

by on Mar.07, 2009, under Random

Quote of the day: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.

So, you’ve seen it all over the social-network scene.  I figured it would make a good post to my blog instead.  I present to you 25 random things about me:

  1. My online name acey049 dates back to the day of a local dial-up chat board called Windward Pass based in Niceville, FL.  My username there started as Ace, and I was account number 049.  The ladies added the “y” because it sounded cute and it stuck ever since.
  2. I have never broken a bone in my body.  Great, I just jinxed myself.
  3. Thanks to my graphics design class, and my teacher Mr. Pinter, I sandblasted an eagle on one of the two main entrance doors at Niceville High School about 14 years ago and they are STILL there.  OMG… I feel old.  I also helped sandblast a falcon on a door at the school near Eglin AFB’s east gate – the name escapes me.  Unfortunately, I never blasted my name or initials with it to “prove it”.
  4. I am a licensed ham radio operator.  My call-sign is KI4WRZ.
  5. I am a self-taught web developer, but I still have tons to learn.  It’s just so hard to keep up with the latest technologies/languages/frameworks when it’s not your full-time job.  I have developed all of our intranet applications at work from scratch, one of which caught the eye of one of our vendors.  I have built a system similar to one of ours for them, customized for their needs.  They have been my BETA tester for the past 6 months or so and they absolutely love it.  This vendor is part of a nationwide company, and we’re looking to sell this as a hosted solution to their 640+ stores.  I will defecate a brick if/when this thing takes off like wildfire.
  6. I am a self-taught guitar player.  With the power of the internet, and particularly YouTube, I have been able to teach myself how to play guitar.  I’m not super great at it (yet) or anything, but I did play in the church band when I lived in West Virginia for 6 months.  I look up to Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz.
  7. I am a self-taught piano player.
  8. I played trumpet in 6th grade and was really good at it.  It’s what taught me how to read music and aided me in teaching myself how to play piano.
  9. I am a mobile dj.  I have been the dj at many school events (proms, homecomings, Halloween dances, project graduations), Halloween parties, company Christmas Parties, birthday parties (yeah, even a sweet 16), and weddings.  I was even the dj at my own prom, homecoming and project graduation @ Big Kahunas (Niceville High School Class of 1996 baby!).
  10. Speaking of dj’ing.  I was once the DJ AND best-man at a friends wedding!
  11. I’m an amateur photographer with a Nikon D40 dSLR and a Canon SD1000 P&S who is eager and willing to learn all that I can about this craft.  I love taking pictures and working within Photoshop.  I was so happy to get my first dSLR last summer just before our trip to Alaska where I proceeded to take approximately 1200 pictures in less than a week!
  12. I’m also a videographer.  I’ve been doing this for quite a long time and also love doing it.  I used to work in audio/visual at Sandestin Resort and it was one of the best parts of the job.  Now, I’m a camera operator at Shoreline Church, and I’m also working with Angela Angelovic with Life In Motion Films.
  13. I have a brother from another mother, and a brother from another father.  So, I guess two half-brothers equals one whole brother.  My sister and I are the only ones with the same mother & father.
  14. I tend to research the crap out of things before making a purchase.  It often drives my wife crazy, but hey, I’m making an informed decision that could save me from a headache later on.
  15. I am a super fast typer.  If seated in the proper position, and working with a GOOD keyboard, I can easily hit 100wpm+.  Yes.  Really.
  16. Speaking of typing, in high school I was part of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).  I placed 3rd in “word processing” in a regional competition held in Pensacola.  Hello… geek alert!
  17. I am an ex-military brat.  I have lived in Hawaii, California, South Dakota, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Florida – not in that order.
  18. Our family spent 5 days driving from California to Florida when my stepfather retired from the USAF back in July 1993.  Imagine, 2 parents, 3 kids, a station wagon…  us kids fighting, the rain, the long drives, the radiator burning up..  ahh, what an adventure.
  19. I was the website designer (aka webmaster) for Mix 103 in the late 90′s.  There is no trace of my work there anymore as they have changed webhosts and webmasters several times.
  20. I have been on 2 cruises.  One to the Bahamas with some friends, and one to Cozumel, Mexico with my wife for our 3rd wedding anniversary.  They are friggin’ fantastic, and I cannot wait to go on another one.  We are actually looking to go on a 7 day cruise next January with a group of friends on a brand-spankin’ new ship.
  21. Remember ZipZaps from RadioShack?  When they first came out (early 2000′s), they were HOT!  Like one of those must-have Christmas items at the time.  I was able to secure several of them from the RadioShack in Destin, and I sold them on eBay making a rather decent profit for myself.
  22. I was once a pretty dang good skater – on good ol regular roller skates.  We had an outdoor skating rink ON BASE in Hawaii, and every night they were open they would reserve a block of time for “speed skaters”.  Yeah, I was out there.  While I was really good on regular skates, I suck on rollerblades, but that’s probably because I didn’t try them until I was much older… and heavier.  Excuse me while I go whimper in a corner.
  23. In September 2007, I developed a perforation in my colon (virtually no warning sign) that resulted in life-saving emergency surgery that took something like 4 hours.  I spent a total of almost 4 weeks in the hospital, went through two rather invasive surgeries, went through several CAT-scans, got stuck with a needle way too many times, drank too much of the nasty contrast stuff they make you drink before each CAT-scan, got hooked on morphine & tylox, and oh so much more.  After it was all said and done, the bill was nearly $500,000.. read:  HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!  Thank GOD for Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We only ended up paying about $1,500.  If you’re ever interested in the full detailed story, get with me and prepare to set aside 30 minutes.
  24. When it comes to music, my favorite artists are usually the ones that play their own instrument.  Guitar and piano are my favorite.
  25. I proposed to my wife with a video compilation of photos from our time together up to that point, combined with a song that was sure to get her emotions kicked into high gear before she even knew what was about to happen.  We will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on May 1st.
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An anniversary of sorts…

by on Feb.14, 2009, under Random

Wendys New Drive Thru

Wendy's New Drive Thru

So, here it is, Valentines Day 2009. Due to one crazy event in our lifetime, this day will be more than just giving my money to Hallmark. It’s a day that I get to reflect on an event where my wife and I were almost killed. [insert dramatic "dum dum duhhhhh"]

It was Friday, February 14th, 2003. My wife had to work late that day, so we were going to do a nice Valentines Day thing over the weekend. She was going to just pickup some Wendy’s via drive thru and bring it home. Well, half way to work her car breaks down. I had to pick her up where she was at, then take her to work. This meant I had to then pick her up and the end of her shift. So, I pick her up and head to Wendy’s as originally planned. However, we decide not to go through the drive-thru as we notice my brother was working that night. We, instead, go inside and order our meals. I ask my wife to pick a place to sit – any other day we would have sat right up against the window facing Hwy 98. This day, she said “right here is fine” – about 3 rows back from the window.

It was about 5-10 minutes into our meals when we heard a vehicle outside screeching very loudly. The next thing I know, this SUV comes crashing through the front of Wendy’s. We get up and run towards the front of the restaurant, jumping over chairs and trash cans – an employee was doing trash duty, and the cans ended up on their sides when they ran. I can literally feel the brick and glass hitting us as we make our way up to the front. Once we get up there, I realize that I never let go of my hamburger. I tell my wife to hold my burger while I go out to the car and grab my new digital camera. She says “No! I’m not holding your burger!” – obviously very distraught over what just happened. So, I walked it back over to our table quickly, and put it back on the tray – don’t ask me why :)

To summarize this up, the driver was driving his daddy’s new Toyota Landcruiser, drunk, and with a loaded rifle in the back. We never went to court, but we ended up with over a month of free food from Wendy’s. My wife also was pulling pieces of glass out of her purse for several months after that. To this day, she absolutely avoids sitting anywhere near a window that’s up against a road.

Check out the pictures!

Oh, and as a little bonus, here’s an article from a couple days ago on MSNBC that my wife stumbled across.

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